01. What type of study is three-zero?

01. What type of studio are you?

We are a no-code digital design studio that stands out for the ability to create digital projects with a good reading of design.

We use visual tools Figma And Webflow that allows us to have the widest versatility without having to compromise quality.

We naturally merge creativity, functionality and speed into every project we undertake.

And our ability lies in materializing the ideas and illusions of our customers in web products that meet and exceed their expectations.

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02. The three rules of three-zero

02. What can't change?

We have three rules that should never change:

  • We listened 70% and spoke 30%.
  • We land ideas and look for a coherent line of thought.
  • We use no-code to shape ideas and make them shine.
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03. How do we carry out the design?

03. How do you make the design?

With solid branding as a starting point, we dive into the essence of the client's brand, drawing wireframes that anticipate the initial line of thought.

In this essential phase, we move forward quickly thanks to the honesty and speed of customer feedback.

Once the design concept is established, we define the main visual and aesthetic style, including all components and their respective behaviors. This establishes consistent rules that will be decisive throughout the project.

Finally, we built the complete tree with all its branches, detailing each page, incorporating animated resources and integrating interactions to leave the project like a glove ready for development.

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04. How do you carry out the development?

04. How do you carry out the development?

Webflow development follows a structured process that begins with the configuration of the style guides after the approval of the design following the guidelines of Client-first.

Subsequently, we proceed to the creation of custom components and the structuring of HTML/CSS sections. The symbols allow the reuse of elements, while the CMS definition establishes the structure for dynamic content.

In complex cases, Javascript snippets are incorporated and high-quality animations are developed.

SEO settings are applied to optimize performance and finally, both the Editor and the Webflow Designer are delivered, allowing the customer to easily make modifications and updates.

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05. How long does it take you?

05. How long does it take you?

The estimated time to complete a standard project is usually 2 to 4 weeks for the design phase and 2 to 3 weeks for the development phase.

These deadlines may vary, especially at the design stage, due to the importance of quick and honest customer feedback. Therefore, the duration of the design process can be more flexible.

In terms of development, the duration will largely depend on the complexity of the interactions and the specific structure of the page in question.

In short, the total delivery time may be indefinite, but these deadlines provide a general reference for project planning.

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06. What is the approximate cost?

06. What is the approximate cost?

The approximate cost for Webflow design and development is 5000€.

This price includes the ability to autonomously maintain and update the site.

The incorporation of advanced animations and interactions for an attractive user experience, fully adapted to multiple platforms, ensuring an optimal experience on all devices.

Attention to the naming of classes, ensuring that they are scalable and easy to manage, with optimal scales and sizes for a visually appealing and coherent appearance.

The final result provides a complete set of services and features essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of a website.

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07. And then what?

07. And then what?

You won't have to worry about your website after delivery.

We included a personalized video in Loom where we explain in detail how to maintain and update your page autonomously. In addition, we offer a training session of 30 to 60 minutes to teach you how the CMS, the editor and the Webflow designer work and answer any questions.

However, we are always available to ensure that your website does not have any problems and we offer a period of one month in which you can contact us to solve any problems or concerns you may have.

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